Niels Garve—fullstack React, ML & operations engineer

I support as a team lead, promote code quality and develop future-proof software using React, Node.js, the cloud, and machine learning power.

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Hello, my name is Niels, and I am a software engineer with 9+ years of experience. The technologies and design patterns I currently prefer are:

I created AIsneaks, where I generate sneaker designs with Artificial Intelligence (see

Currently, I work as a freelancer in agile teams of different companies and projects such as Mercedes, Audi and OTTO.

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Working Experience

4/2022-12/2022Fullstack and machine learning engineer, OTTO, Part of an agile team that develops and operates machine learning applications for based on the CRISP process.
AWS/Node.js, AWS/Java, AWS/Python, scikit-learn, pandas, Matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, Poetry, CRISP
5/2021-3/2022Freelance Javascript Fullstack Developer, Das Büro am Draht, Part of the scrum team that develops a single graph (GraphQL) that provides a unified interface for querying any combination of Audi data sources dividing the graph’s implementation across multiple backend services.
Apollo GraphQL, Apollo Federation, CI/CD, AWS/Node.js, serverless framework, GitHub Workflows, trunk-based development, TypeScript, Jest, Postman/Newman, React, React frameworks (
12/2019-4/2021Freelance Frontend Developer, Das Büro am Draht, Part of the scrum team that builds React micro frontends for
React, React frameworks (Feature Hub, Next.js, Gatsby), TypeScript, styled-components, Jest, Apollo GraphQL, AWS/Node.js, serverless framework, AEM, GitHub Workflows
2/2019–11/2019Freelance Senior Frontend Developer, Experience One, Senior developer and part of the scrum team building the Mercedes-Benz OneWeb Vans platform.
React, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Sass, AEM
8/2018–1/2019Freelance Frontend Developer, Das Büro am Draht, Part of the scrum team that maintains the website of Audi.
HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, PostCSS, AEM
2/2018–7/2018Freelance Senior Frontend Developer, NOLTE&LAUTH, Senior developer and part of the scrum team building the Mercedes-Benz OneWeb Vans platform.
HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Sass, AEM
9/2017–10/2017Freelance Frontend Developer, customer from Fuschl, Austria.
12/2014–8/2017Frontend Developer, Publicis Pixelpark, Berlin.
2/2013–11/2014Student employee, Inostudio, Berlin.
8/2012–1/2013Internship, Inostudio, Berlin.

Certifications and Education

3/2020-6/2020Machine Learning with Python: A Practical Introduction, IBM., Overall grade: 95%.
Issued Jun 2020, Certificate ID 5694d61220974140a37a9657b633cc7e, See certificate
7/2019-9/2019Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition, Microsoft., Overall grade: 78%.
Issued Sep 2019, Certificate ID 1e1c10432cb8437cb3cc2fe92eed86f9, See certificate
7/2019Introduction to Python for Data Science, Microsoft., Overall grade: 100%.
Issued Jul 2019, Certificate ID 1655df79462545a89cdc4af0a5b38866, See certificate
4/2010–7/2013Bachelor of Science in Media Informatics, Berliner Hochschule für Technik, Berlin, Overall grade: very good.
Bachelors thesis: Echtzeit-Raytracing mit WebGL (WebGL-driven real time ray tracing)

Qualification and Skills

Extensive Knowledge
React, React frameworks (, Feature Hub, Next.js, Gatsby), TypeScript, styled-components, Jest, trunk-based development, GitHub Workflows, CI/CD, Apollo GraphQL, Apollo Federation, Postman/Newman, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, Mobile First Web Design, website performance, clean code, Git, Scrum (from the developer’s perspective)
Machine Learning Engineering Knowledge
Python, PyTorch, scikit-learn, NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Jupyter Notebook, Poetry, CRISP, DCGANs
Cloud Computing Knowledge
AWS/Node.js, AWS/Java, AWS/Python, serverless framework, AWS CDK, Kubernetes, Helm, cdk8s
Basic Knowledge
React Native, Nest, Express, Docker, OpenGL Shading Language, WebGL, AEM, Flask, SEO, Sketch
German (native), English (fluent)